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Bitcoin Cash Faucet - Claim every minute! Instant paying Bitcoin Cash faucet. Pays via

550000 satoshi every 0 minutes.
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Claim Every Minute faucets (CoinTalk)!

ETH ~1200 gwei every minute! / Doge ~0.44 doge every minute! / LTC ~3790 litoshi every minute! / BTC ~31 satoshi every minute! / DASH ~1500 dashoshi every minute! / BCH ~394 satoshi every minute!

Other faucets to try

CoinTalk High paying faucet, PTC and offerwall site! / MakeJar 20 Satoshi per claim / Dogezone ~0.35 DOGE every 4 minutes / Dogezone2 ~0.35 DOGE every 4 minutes

TIP: Some of our faucets from time to time offer no cool down time between claims. This means as soon as you submit a claim, you can claim again.

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