Faucet Closing (Update 16/01/2017): Unfortunately this faucet will be closing on the 31st of January 2018 - Please read the latest update for more information regarding payments now being made via FaucetHub.io and the minimum withdrawal amount starting to be decreased (currently 500,000 Gwei) ---> READ FULL UPDATE...

Ether Faucet

Earn free ether every 5 minutes. We pay manually to your ether wallet address and you can request withdrawal once you reach 750,000 Gwei.

Enter your Ethereum Address and start to claim!

Ethereum Address

Please ensure you keep a copy of the address you are using to claim. Some wallet providers offer single use addresses meaning that while your wallet may show one address now, it may show a different address to you in the future. You must always log in using the same address which is why we recommend making a copy of the address you are using to prevent you losing access to your account. If you try to login using a different address, you will create a new account with a balance of zero.