Faucet Closing (Update 16/01/2017): Unfortunately this faucet will be closing on the 31st of January 2018 - Please read the latest update for more information regarding payments now being made via FaucetHub.io and the minimum withdrawal amount starting to be decreased (currently 500,000 Gwei) ---> READ FULL UPDATE...

Update - 16 Jan 2018

All payments are upto date and the min withdrawal has been dropped to 500,000 Gwei (0.000500000). Please withdraw at the earliest opportunity.

Update - 10 Jan 2018

All payment requests are upto date at the moment. Some users provided a ETH address not connected to Faucethub.io when withdrawing despite the announcement and the many mentions when withdrawing (sigh) so if you are one of those users, add your address to FH and then contact me and I will resend.

As payments are finally caught up, I will now start slowly reducing the min withdrawal as promised. It will go down in stages in order to limit the number the rush of requests at once. Please note that as payments have to be sent manually, there will be a minimum withdrawal of a certain amount (as yet undecided) when we close however baring in mind users will have had 6 weeks warning and higher claim rates than the faucets would have if they were not closing aswell as being able to claim every minute therefore this minimum amount should be easily achievable for everyone. Currently the min withdrawal is now 700,000 gwei. From this point onwards it will gradually drop 100,000 at a time between now and when we close so please keep an eye on the account page to see what the current minimum withdrawal amount it.

A common question being emailed to me by many tens of users is about users thinking they need to change their claim address here to be their FaucetHub address. This is NOT the case. All users need to do is ensure that their ETH address they use to claim here is added to their FaucetHub account. That way when we send the payment, it will go to your account and you can then withdraw to that address or another listed on your account at Faucethub or exchange your ETH on the FaucetHUb exchange for other coins and withdraw them if you so choose.

Previous Update - 6th Jan 2018


As per usual, if you choose not to read the whole announcement, please read the following points

1) We now only pay via Faucethub.io and no longer direct to users wallets. This is due to very high fees and the amount of time it now takes to even submit a ETH transaction.

2) Users MUST have their ETH address attached to their faucethub.io account prior to requesting withdrawal.

3) Users with a pending request will receive payment direct to their wallet unless they contact me to say they want it via FH which is alot quicker.

4) Faucethub.io incorrectly shows ETH to 8 decimal places rather than 9 meaning when I send the payment it may look like I only sent 10% but it is not the case.Proof shown below.

Full Announcement

As users might know ETH fees have risen again to a very high amount with no signs of slowing down. This is caused by a massive backlog of transactions which makes it expensive and slow to confirm and it even takes a long time for the transaction to even be picked up to be considered to be included in a block. This is making payments very slow and very very expensive to process. It means the cost to send the transaction is usually around if not more than then amount i am sending to the user.

In order to keep costs down for me and in order to keep the claim rate high for users and to allow as many users as possible to withdraw before we close, WE NOW ONLY SEND PAYMENTS VIA FAUCETHUB.IO. This allows us to avoid on chain payments which reduces our fees and allows us to handle payments faster. Please note that withdrawals are NOT automatic and will need to be processed by us. The reason for that is because we need to ensure that the withdrawal request is coming from the account holder for security reasons to prevent theft. Users MUST have an account with Faucethub.io AND their ETH address used here added to that account BEFORE submitting a withdrawal request here.

User who submitted withdrawal requests direct to their wallet, will still get paid to their wallet. Please be aware there will be a delay as I will try to send them at times when fees are lower than normal. If users who have a pending withdrawal would prefer to receive their payment via Faucethub.io, please contact me.

Additionally, there is a display issue with the way Faucethub.io shows ETH. They show it as being to 8 decimal places (incorrectly) where as we show it to 9 which is correct. This will mean when we sent 750000 gwei to you, it will show as 75000 however in terms of dollar value it is the same and you are NOT being sent less from us.

Before you all call me a liar and scammer. Take a look at the following:

Transaction on EtherScan
They are one of the most widely used ETH explorers. Look at the gas price
0.000000025 Ether (25 Gwei)
It is called Gwei and is to 9 decimal places. NOT 8!

Ethereum converters show the same such as the following

Also search for the word Gwei here- https://forum.ethereum.org/discussion/304/what-is-wei

Sorry this has had to happen but with fees this high, the current claim rate is not sustainable and rather than charging users withdrawal fees and cutting the claim rate, I would rather just change the payment method and still allow users to get 100% of their funds when they withdraw. This will also allow us to pay more users as we close. As the payments are handled manually, there will still be a minimum withdrawal amount but it will be lower. Initially it will stay at 750,000 while I handle the backlog.